About O2 Events

About O2 Events

Life’s Too Short for Boring

I’m a mom to our two badass girls, a dog mom, and a wifey to my ride or die. We spent two years traveling the western US and Canada in our tiny RV, while operating our businesses, homeschooling our kids, and chasing the MTB seasons. Now settled in Golden, CO where the trails are perfection – there’s a balance of comfort, better WIFI, and definitely no shortage of trails.

Launched in 2016, O2 Events makes every effort to partner with companies, wedding couples, and agencies that challenge us, treat us with kindness, and go ‘all-in’ for their attendees.

We bring high-energy without caffeine, spend time outdoors any chance we get, and have a singular goal: push you past ‘boring’ and ‘safe,’ until you draw your line in the sand and say, “Okay, no more.” Are you ready to go?

Producing events has its share of crazy — and we go headfirst, with you.