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Creating Events That Don’t Suck!

After working in the events world for 20+ years, I’ve learned a widely known—but often unacknowledged—secret: Most of them suck.

Life’s too short for boring. Our focus is driven by creating events that define a lifestyle. Your lifestyle.

We’re edgy, intense, fun, raw, experience-driven, and—because we’re on our bike or the trail any chance we get—outdoor focused and nature-based. We don’t tow the line. We do push the envelope, and we’re all about pushing you outside your comfort zone, and maybe busting your chops along the way. Why? Because that’s where growth happens, and where your true brand unfolds.

We’re flexible, too—whether partnering with corporations who only want to get a little uncomfortable, or clients who want nothing to do with big business. We have the skills needed to competently communicate with compliance, and the tenacity to get our hands dirty with a massive load-in.

Want to make sure your events don’t suck? Put on your big girl or boy panties. It’s go time.

O2 Events: Your anti-bullshit, anti-events, events company.



Successful corporate events are all about branding, generating new business, and/or providing your employees with appreciation. A few of our many specialties:

  • Client Appreciation
  • Grand Openings
  • Multi-City Road Shows
  • Product Launches
  • Incentives
  • Cannabis Dispensary Launches (Colorado only)


We realize the importance of making a lasting impression. Not only for you, but for everyone in attendance. Some of the fun we cover:

  • Retail Launches
  • Dispensary Employee Appreciation & Tradeshows
  • Rad team building opportunities that you actually want to be part of
  • Final night party
  • Large-scale attendee appreciation concerts/parties


In addition to the more formal experiences that we plan, we also have a soft spot for getting rugged in the great outdoors. Whether you are a first timer wanting to introduce yourself slowly to the many sports our great state offers, or prefer to skip the lifts and drop in via heli, we have full service experiences for you.

We’ll provide personalized service from start to finish, along with local knowledge of amazing vendors in their respective fields, to de-stress your experience and make it one to remember! Our all-season services include:

  • Fly Fishing
  • Rafting (Rafts, Kayaks, SUP)
  • Professional Driving Experiences
  • Golf with the Pros
  • Heli Skiing/Boarding
  • SnowCat Backcountry
  • Mountain/Fat Bike Tours


In addition to the planning side, we travel for other great companies needing onsite support. We’ll help you through the planning process if requested, travel to your location, execute your details, and have fun helping you build your experience. We are comfy in all areas of the event process. We’re an extension of your team; we share your vision and deliver the same level of passion. We’re here to help you wow your clients/attendees.

  • Expo floor from load-in to load-out
  • Production
  • Incentives
  • VIP BOH Rooms for Performers
  • FOH Decor for Concerts/Larger Productions


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